Our Review Policy

From time to time, you might see reviews on this site, and of course on the YouTube channel. I take these reviews seriously, with the intention of providing both entertainment and information to help you decide whether a game is worth your time, and especially your own money.

I have decided on a 5 point scale (not including zero, a rating I hope I never have to use), and the entirety of that scale will be used. A 5/5 rating does not mean a game is without fault, and multiple games with the same scores do not necessarily indicate that they are of the exact same quality.

For your benefit, here are what those ratings mean:

5 – While this lofty number doesn’t signify that a game is perfect, is does indicate a game that is most definitely worth your time. Games that earn this score, consistently impress and hold up to an exceptional standard throughout my time with them.

4 – A very good game that has just a few minor issues or setbacks that stop it from being truly an essential purchase. In any case, this score indicates something that offers value and is worth your time and money.

3 – This score is reserved for “good” games – The ones that you might not be itching to throw your money at, but are most definitely worth a try if you’re a fan of the genre or subject matter. If a game gets this score, it’s solid, but just missing that special something to elevate it further.

2 – Here is where we get into “ho-hum” territory. Sure, games with this score might be perfectly playable, but you can expect a game that’s lacking thrills or entertainment. Not the worst thing in the world, but it’s definitely not worth shelling out full price for.

1 – Simply awful. If a game gets a score this low, you know it’s had little to no thought put into it by the developer. Games with this score are so lazily designed, and play so badly that it should be illegal.

0 – A game so broken and unplayable, you’ll probably wonder why I bothered reviewing it in the first place. I know I will.

As well my rating, I’ll also be giving you Highlights and Low Points – These are small comments that outline the best and worst parts of a game, to give you a balanced idea of what to expect and help you form your own idea on whether the reviewed title is for you.

At the end of each review, there’ll be a link to this policy, and to ensure total transparency, you’ll be told where I got my review copy from – Whether I bought or rented it myself or code was provided by a publisher/developer for review purposes.

Finally, please remember that a review is an opinion, and on this website and YouTube channel, it is all MY opinion. It is completely fine for you to like a game I don’t, and vice versa. If you’re looking for validation of your own opinion on something and you don’t find that here, there are a billion other websites that can do that for you.