Month: February 2017

Game Boy Player – The Best Way To Play Game Boy Games?

In December, I made over an hour’s worth of content detailing every aspect of Nintendo’s Super Game Boy peripheral. Now, I’m going to take a look at it’s spiritual successor, the Gamecube’s Game Boy Player, and answer the question – “Is this the best way to play Game Boy games on your television screen?”

Starfox – The Secret Warps

The original Starfox may lack the non-linearity of future games in the series, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to travel off-road, so to speak. Two areas of uncharted space lie in wait for expert pilots, complete with their own surprises – And I’m about to tell you how to find them…

Starfox Review (1993, SNES) – Super FX Review

Welcome to the first in a series of very special reviews, taking a look at every single playable Super FX game. Of course, the most logical place to start would be with the very first game to use the Super FX chip – Starfox.