Mega Drive

The Best First Party Controllers, EVER!

When you think about it, game controllers are the most important thing about video games. After all, if you haven’t got a jump button, how is Mario going to jump? Without that Start button, you’d just be endlessly watching Street Fighter II’s attract screens. So yeah, pads are important, right? Glad you agree.

Some of The Best SEGA Logos, EVER!

One of the lovely little things about the Mega Drive that made me smile was booting up a game and seeing different variations of the SEGA logo. Sure, some were relatively boring renditions of the company’s logo, but some developers went absolutely insane with this seconds-long intros and there are hundreds of variations. Here are …

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Sonic 2 Review (1992, SEGA Mega Drive/SEGA Genesis)

He may be little more than a really funny Twitter account these days, but there’s some real hope at the moment the Sonic The Hedgehog might well return to glory in the very near future. But let’s cast our minds back to a time when he was a true rival to Super Mario.