How To Get The Dragon Punch In Mega Man X2 – Unlock The Mega Man X2 Dragon Punch Now!

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You’ve unleashed the destructive power of Mega Man’s Hadouken in Mega Man X, but can you unlock a similar move in Mega Man X2? Sho-Ryu-Ken! Yes, I’ve already done that joke. Deal with it.

Last month I helped you tap into Mega Man X’s true potential and unlock the secret Hadouken move, a deadly technique that was equal parts awesome and powerful. It will please you to know that the sequel, Mega Man X2 has a similar secret, this time taking another move straight out of Street Fighter II – Ken’s flaming Dragon Punch.

Yup, you can throw your guns out of the window and get up close and personal with another horrifically powerful move, but this one is a lot harder to get than Mega Man X’s Hadouken. Luckily, you have me to guide you through the entire process.

Once again you won’t be able to unlock this weapon until you’re near the very end of the game, and you’ll also need to have found all 8 heart tanks, all 4 energy sub-tanks, all 4 of X’s upgrades, and all 3 of Zero’s parts. Or, use this handy password…..By the time you get to where the Dragon Punch capsule is located, you will need to fill all of those 4 energy sub-tanks as well, but you can do that on the way.

You’ll need to reach the third of Agile’s stages, that’s the third of the game’s final stages after you defeat the 8 Mavericks. Go through this level as normal, and eventually, you’ll end up in this area with a hard to reach ladder. If you walk left a little and coax a small bat to the right, you can fire the Crystal Hunter weapon and turn the bat into a crystal platform that you can use to jump to the ladder and proceed.

You’ll instantly see an extra life, and believe me, you’ll be collecting that one a lot as this next area is tough as nails. It’s got a floor made of spikes and a sort of upside down staircase that you’ll need to wall slide and air dash down. A charged up Speed Burner weapon might help as well. If you do die, repeat the process and just keep picking up that extra life – This one might take a while.

Once you’ve gotten past that area, there are more spikes, and you’ll need to carefully air dash in order to traverse a deadly S-bend in the environment. The dash you get from a charged up Speed Burner will definitely help here.

Now that you’ve got the hard part out of the way, you’ll need to slide down the left-hand wall, until eventually, you’ll go through it into a secret area. Here, is there….Ah wait a minute – You haven’t filled up all your energy sub-tanks like I told you to earlier, did you? If you have all the items and fill up your tanks, the capsule you are looking for will appear.

Dr Light will greet you, channelling his inner Wayne & Garth, and once you step into the capsule, you’ll be given access to the Dragon Punch. Like Mega Man X’s Hadouken, this can only be used if you have a full health meter, and you’ll need to pull off the standard Dragon Punch combination which is forward, down, diagonally down/forward and the fire button. It’s a little tough to aim, but if you get the hang of it, it’s a pretty powerful weapon, making short work of many enemies and bosses.

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