How To Get The Hadouken In Mega Man X

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Mega Man is known for stealing his enemies’ offensive manoeuvres, but how about stealing moves from an entirely different game? This is how you unleash the power of the Hadouken in Mega Man X.

A game I reviewed earlier in the year, Mega Man X is a well-designed, highly playable 16-bit rendition of Capcom’s long-running franchise. It looks fantastic, sounds exquisite and is filled with all manner of power-ups and upgrades that you’ll need to take on the game’s final opponent – Sigma. Many of these items are out in the open, and some are hidden, waiting to be found.

But there is one upgrade that is so well-hidden, that most players would have no way of finding it, unless you were either incredibly lucky or knew exactly what you were doing. This week, I’m going to show you the secret of Mega Man X’s secret Hadouken move. Yes, the very same staple attack of Ryu, Ken, Akuma and others from the beloved Street Fighter series.

The only catch with getting this insanely powerful technique is that you’ll be finished most of the game before you can actually obtain it. You’ll need to have beaten all eight of the Mavericks, have all four energy Sub-Tanks, all eight Heart Tanks, and all four of Dr Light’s armour upgrades. Or, if you’re lazy, use this password:

Now you’ll need to go to Armored Armadillo’s stage, and the first task is to get as many extra lives as you can because you’ll need them. Luckily, this level makes it incredibly easy, as early on, if you jump over the first transport platform and keep running on, you’ll eventually come to a Batton, a recurring enemy in the Mega Man series. Destroying this giant bat gives you a high chance of getting an extra life. Just keep retreating, coming back, killing the Batton and repeating the process until you get the full complement of 9 extra lives. Now you’re ready to get your Hadouken.

At the very end of the level, you’ll end up on a moving platform that flies off a cliff, prompting you to jump off and go into the door leading to the boss’s lair. Instead of going through that door, you need to climb up the wall, either by slowing wall jumping up or by jumping off the moving platform a certain way. You need to keep climbing until you can stand on this cliff – You don’t have to pick up the energy item, but you do need to stand on this cliff. Then, jump left, straight down to your death.

Once you’re back to the previous checkpoint, do the exact same process again. Once again, it is important that you jump onto the top of the cliff. Keep going this over, and over, and over again. This is why you need all those extra lives – Losing all your lives doesn’t stop you from doing this trick, it just makes the process a lot quicker.

Eventually, you’ll jump up to the cliff, only to see a brand new Dr Light capsule. Approaching it will reveal a hologram of Dr Light, now wearing a similar outfit to Ryu, and he’ll offer you a special present if you enter the capsule.

Upon entering this capsule, you’ll be given the most powerful weapon in the entire game – The Hadouken. Fired by performing the standard Street Fighter move of a quarter-circle from down to towards, followed by the fire button, this move can only be used when X has full health.

It is so powerful it can even defeat a Maverick, and many other bosses in one hit. Now that is real power. It’s an amazingly cool weapon, and you can even hear X yell out when pulling off this devastating technique.

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