Gremlins 2 The New Batch – Gremlins 2 NES Ending

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Gremlins 2: NES – A Good Movie Adaptation?

The movie is certainly an entertaining film; a cartoon brought to life with animatronics. It’s got everything from musical numbers to a Hulk Hogan cameo, and while it loses some of the more terrifying elements of the surprisingly scary original, it definitely tries and succeeds at being a very fun movie.

Meanwhile, Gremlins 2 NES is one of those decent games that can get a little frustrating, but it at least tries to do something different with a movie license. It’s a top-down action-adventure where you play as Gizmo, kicking green scaly butt.

Being a Sunsoft game, you can count on two things – Great music, and high difficulty. So, this latest Ending Theatre gives us mere mortals a chance of seeing the ending without pulling our collective hair out – Enjoy!

gremlins 2 nes ending
A screen from the ending
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