James Pond: Robocod Cheats (Mega Drive/Genesis) – Neat Cheats!

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There’s something so quintessentially British about the character James Pond. The unusual choice of character. The endless puns. They really don’t make them like they used to, do they? Debuting on various computers and consoles in 1990, in James Pond: Underwater Agent, the character was best known by its sequel, the hilariously-titled James Pond: Robocod.

For his second adventure, Pond goes bionic and must travel to the Arctic, retrieving Santa’s stolen toys from the insidious Dr. Maybe and so begins a colourful and quirky platform adventure. But just because it looks like a cartoon, doesn’t mean it’s not going to be dangerous, so let’s help you out.

You’re watching Pug Hoof Gaming, and I’m going to show you cheats for Invincibility, power meter replenishments, unlimited lives and a level skip.

Most of Robocod’s cheats are actually performed in-game and involve spelling words by collecting in-game items. When you’re playing Robocod, you’ll get a hub level that’s outside Santa’s factory with doors leading to each of the game’s levels. On top of this building are some random collectable objects – Only, they’re not that random, and actually, have a purpose.

There’s a Tap, a Cake, an Earth, an Apple and a Hammer, and by picking up these items in order to spell CHEAT – Which would be Cake, Hammer, Earth, Apple and Tap, not only will you become invincible, but now the doors to every level are unlocked. But that’s not all, because when in a level,  if you pause the game after performing this cheat, then press the A button four times, you’ll be taken to the level exit. It’s worth mentioning that the Invincibility isn’t permanent, but the cheat can be re-entered by collecting those items in the correct order again.

There are two other cheats enabled by spelling words with objects. At any point, if you collect a Penguin, Oil Can, Wine Glass, Earth and Racket to spell POWER, you’ll refill your power meter.

Also, during the first level, the sports-themed one, you’ll come to some Lips, a Violin, an Earth, an Ice Cream and a Snowman. Collect these items to spell LIVES – Which will be Lips, Ice Cream, Violin, Earth and Snowman, and you’ll be granted with unlimited lives.

You have indeed been watching Pug Hoof Gaming, and here’s another final thought for you, before you click that subscribe button and move onto another video: If James Pond was turned into Robocod, does that mean another aquatic creature was turned into an ED209?


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