Mario Maker Cheats – Retro CRT TV Filter Easter Egg!

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There’s only one way to make your DIY Mario levels an even more nostalgic experience with one of the only Mario Maker cheats.

Hello Hoof Troop, just one quick video for this week. Mario Maker has been available for the Wii U for quite some time now, and I’m sure you’re all having fun making your own crazy levels, as well as sampling those created by the worldwide community of Makers.

Clearly, this is a wonderful way to celebrate 30 years of Super Mario Bros., but did you know that there’s quite a cool little Easter Egg that’ll make your Mario Maker experience a little more authentic?

Mario Maker Cheats – CRT Mode

mario maker cheats crt mode

When you are waiting for any level to load, press A, B and Down on the Dpad. Instantly, you’ll see the results of this special button press, as a nostalgic CRT filter will suddenly be activated.

Now you can enjoy that classic gameplay as if you were playing on an old television, just as Nintendo originally intended. This mode will only last for the level you are playing, and if you change your mind you can always press A,B & Down on the Dpad again on the level loading screen to turn it off.

And there you have it. Thanks for watching this video!

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