Streets of Rage Level Select Cheat (SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive) – Neat Cheats!

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When you’re talking about essential SEGA Mega Drive games, it only takes a few seconds for Streets of Rage to be dropped into the conversation, and with good reason – It’s one of the most well-regarded 16-bit series ever, and we’re finally getting a fourth entry, almost 25 years since the last instalment.

So with its return, no doubt a few of you are tackling the earlier games, and starting with the debut is a sound idea, indeed. But, you might be struggling on those rage-filled streets This is Pug Hoof Gaming, and I’ve got your back, with cheats for more lives, that always-useful Level Select code.

To choose what level you’d like to start the game on, and also how many lives you’d like, you’re going to need two controllers plugged in. Grab the second controller, and on the main menu, hold down the A, B and C buttons and right on the D-pad. While those buttons are held on Controller 2, with Controller 1 you’ll need to enter the Options menu. If you perform this feat of finger-stretching digit-gymnastics, you’ll get some extra options.

You’ll then be able to start from any level in the game and choose to have 1, 3, 5 or 7 lives. Perfect if you want to go straight to Mr X without any fuss – Or, make things that much more difficult for yourself.

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