super mario world ending theatre

Super Mario World Ending – SNES [Ending Theatre]

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I don’t know bout you, but this might just be one of the most perfect games ever. It’s a brilliant showcase for the SNES, a superb platformer and one of the most finely tuned games Nintendo have ever released.

Super Mario World Ending Video

super mario world ending

Unfortunately, the end has to come along eventually, but at least when you do finally defeat Bowser, you’re treated to a suitable cutscene and a catchy theme! It makes the whole adventure on Dinosaur Island quite memorable. Of course, you can always go back and get the rest of those 96 exits. Go on, off you go, you’ve probably missed a load of them!

Sit back, and watch the Super Mario World ending, captured on an original 1-Chip SFC console, via OSSC. Crank up those headphones too!

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