Darth Vader In a lightsabre battle with obi wan kenobi, from Super Star Wars

Super Star Wars Month – Introduction

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Hello everyone, and welcome to a quick announcement-slash-intro to what I have in store for you throughout the month of May. With Star Wars Day occurring on May the fourth, I felt there is no better time to have a deep dive into some games based on the saga.

There have been many titles centred around both canon and non-canon events over the last few decades, but I felt like having an extra special focus on a series of adaptations based around the Original Trilogy. Aside from the arcades and home computers, there has only been one console series to tackle the entire trilogy – The Super Star Wars series of action platformers.

These three games set a benchmark for movie licenses on 16-bit systems, and I’ve been playing them in their entirety to deliver a whole series of videos to tell you everything you need to know. But that’s not all, I’ll also be giving the same treatment to some of the available ports – Including one that was never meant to be. Each week of May will look at a particular adaptation with multiple videos here on YouTube as well as some blogs on PugHoofGaming.com.

Super Star Wars Title Screen

In week one, beginning on May the fourth, we’ll be focusing on the original Super Star Wars. From 10th May we then move onto Super Empire Strikes Back, and that will be followed up on the week beginning 17th May with Super Return of The Jedi. But I won’t be finishing there, as the week of May 24th will also see a week of bonus videos related to the series as a whole.

Hopefully, you’ll join me on May The Fourth for a celebration of all things Super Star Wars. I’ll see you then.

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