Top 5 SNES Games – August 1993 (The Retrogaming Chart Show)

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The sun is shining, so let’s stay indoors and play video games – because sunburns sting like an absolute motherfu…

This week, The Retrogaming Chart show is taking a look at the Top 5 SNES charts of August 1995. This chart was originally published in issue 165 of popular multi-format magazine Computer & Video Games, also known as CVG. How does the Summer effect video game sales? Well, Summer was never a time for major new releases to be published, so there’s a couple of interesting placements here. Let’s take a little look.

5 – Donkey Kong Country

We are starting off our chart with our number five entry, Rare’s Donkey Kong Country. This platformer was a ridiculously popular and successful game, thanks to a gigantic marketing effort by Nintendo, as well as the game’s visuals that were touted as being designed with the same tools that were used in the hit Steven Spielberg movie, Jurassic Park. While that was true, what no-one really mentioned is that these sprites were merely digitised for use on the SNES, in the same way that Mortal Kombat’s live-action footage was digitised. The game’s graphics were certainly impressive at the time, but in no-way were they a match for the fast-approaching 32-bit consoles, despite what the marketing may have said.

As for the game itself, it’s a decent platformer. Truth be told, it’s not Super Mario – But it does contain some great mechanics and plenty of secrets for players to squeeze from the game.

4 – Super Street Fighter II

Street Fighter II was an ever-present fixture of SNES owners libraries, and the final upgrade to the massively popular fighter comes in at number 4 this month. Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers adds four new….challengers to the already packed roster, makes tweaks to the existing fighters to compensate and improves the graphics and sound. Purists might swear by Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting, but for sheer content, this one’s the definitive version.

The new fighters are great additions, including Dee Jay – The only fighter in the Street Fighter series to be created by Capcom’s USA branch, Fei Long – An unashamed rip-off of Bruce Lee, T-Hawk – A gigantic Native American bruiser with some punishing attacks, and fan favourite Cammy – The agile and deadly British fighter.

Oh, and it’s this game’s roster that was the basis for the Street Fighter live-action movie, but we won’t hold that against them. Anymore.

3 – Unirally

In at number 3 is Unirally, AKA Uniracers. I reviewed this game back in June, and you can check that video out for my full verdict. This is a game that plays unlike any other release on the SNES – A racer with stunt elements that features sentient unicycles that like to race each other.

It’s quirky, but it’s so wonderfully unique that it’s definitely worth a go. Unfortunately, you’ll find it tough to play this game legally, due to being taken off shelves after a legal battle with Pixar Studios, of all people. Still, it’s good to see that it was at least relatively successful before it disappeared from shelves forever.

2 – International Superstar Soccer

Onto the sports games at number 2. Usually, you’d expect me not to say much about a football game, but that’s where you’re wrong – Because International Superstar Soccer is the only sports game I ever owned for SNES.

Konami’s take on the beautiful game was a brilliant alternative to EA’s FIFA series of annual releases. I looked great, sounded amazing and was one of the best-playing football games around. Yes, it’s true – I like a football game. I liked the various skills you could use to trick opponents, the brilliant controls, and just the way the game feels to play.

I bet you weren’t expecting that, were you?

1 – Super Soccer

At number one is the oldest game on this month’s chart. So old, it was one of the Super Nintendo’s launch titles in Europe. Super Soccer is not the best of football games, mainly due to the very unorthodox view of the pitch.

I can only imagine that this game was on sale for a very low price, hence it’s high chart placement because I can’t imagine why you’d buy this game over FIFA or International Superstar Soccer.

But, it’s number one this month, so I guess we’ll all have to deal with it.

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