Wario Land Cheat Menu (Game Boy) – Neat Cheats!

Wario’s taken an interesting path, from villainous doppelganger of Mario, to Nintendo star in his own right, and that shift pretty much began in Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land.

The Super Mario Land series was always an opportunity for Nintendo to break the rules of Mario to fit the smaller and less capable Game Boy system, and this game in particular really diverts from the standard Mario convention. For a start, it has a proper cheat code, something really seen in Mario games in general, if at all.

You’re watching Pug Hoof Gaming, and we’re going to take a look at a cheat code that blows Wario Land wide open.

This cheat code’s functionality almost feels like a debug code of sorts, and it’s so out of place for a Super Mario title. This code allows you to change the number of hearts, coins and lives you have, and even what powerup you’re currently using – At any point during gameplay, just press the Start button to pause the game.

Then, you’ll need to press the Select button 16 times. Once you’ve done that successfully, a flashing box will appear around the coin counter. If you then hold A & B together, you can then press Left and Right on the Dpad to move the cursor, and Up and Down to change the value, giving yourself as many coins, hearts and lives as you see fit – Perfect for getting reaching the 99,999 coins you require to activate Wario Land’s best ending.

And if that wasn’t all, if you move the cursor over the Wario icon and unpause, you’ll cycle to the next powerful Wario powerup. You can keep repeating this cheat to cycle through all of the Wario forms. Starting from small Wario, you can move to Big Wario, then Bull Wario, then Jet Wario, then Dragon Wario and if you then perform the cheat from there, you’ll cycle back down to small Wario once more.

You have indeed been watching Pug Hoof Gaming, and while you click the subscribe button, let me leave you with yet another random final thought: If Mario’s Princess is Peach, and Luigi’s is Daisy. Who is Wario’s?

See ya’ later, alligator.

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