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T2 The Arcade Game SNES Review (Every Super Scope Game Review)

Do you remember where you were when you watched Terminator 2: Judgement Day? Arnie’s 1991 sequel delivered a phenomenal special effects-laden flick that to this day is one of the most exciting movies ever made. It had Arnie at the peak of his abilities as a box office draw, Robert Patrick as a mechanical adversary …

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X-Zone SNES Super Scope Review

This week we’re back in the now familiar territory of Super Scope shooters, with a game that overly users the letter X, in the way so many things did in the early 90’s. So, is X gonna give it to ya?

Bazooka Blitzkrieg Review (SNES Super Scope)

With Nintendo’s Super Scope being in the shape of a gigantic bazooka, naturally, we were all waiting for the day when a game would arrive that would involve an in-game bazooka. That game has arrived, so get ready for a Blitzkrieg – Bazooka Blitzkrieg!

Super Scope 6 Review (Super Nintendo, Super Scope)

This week, you are going to get a good look at the game that launched the Scope Scope light gun peripheral, Super Scope 6. Do six games equal six times the fun?Name: Super Scope 6Developer: Intelligent SystemsPublisher: NintendoReleased on: SNESOriginal Release Date: August 27, 1993