DK Mode – Find and Unlock GoldenEye 007’s Crazy Monkey-Based Cheat Code!

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The name’s Kong, Donkey Kong. Actually, it’s not, it’s just a poor attempt at mixing Nintendo’s gigantic ape with the legendary British spy. Which is exactly what Rare did with their 1997 super mega-hit, Goldeneye 007. Only it wasn’t poor – It was pretty hilarious.

The great thing about GoldenEye’s cheats was that they had to be earned. Each cheat could be unlocked by completed a particular level, on a particular difficulty, within a particular time. Some cheats were relatively easy to unlock, while others were a real test of your spy abilities. Eventually, it was discovered that a lot of these codes could be unlocked, but for a long time, players toiled over unlocking each one of these cheat modes – And quite frankly, it’s one of the best reward mechanics ever seen in a game, adding a huge amount of replay to an already content-filled game.

With so many old games containing so many cheats and secrets, there’s a lot of great ones to pick from for this feature. But I’ve settled on one of the more memorable cheats – DK Mode. Inspired by Rare’s ape-related exploits with the Donkey Kong Country series, this mode goes a step beyond the typical Big Head modes of the era, by also elongating the arms and massively inflating the heads of all characters in the game. It’s hilarious, ridiculous, and adds an extra level of silliness to the game’s multiplayer mode.

As previously mentioned, you’ll need to finish a level within a particular time to unlock this mode, and luckily it’s the easiest cheat in the game to unlock – In fact, you’ll probably unlock it completely by accident.

The level in question is the Runway level, on Agent difficulty, the easiest setting. In 5:00 minutes, you’ll need to find the plane’s ignition key, and escape in the plane itself – An easy task, especially in the generous time you’re given.

Once you do this, in your end of level debriefing, you’ll be given a sound and text cue, telling you that DK Mode is unlocked!

Alternatively, if you’ve unlocked the Cheat Menu by earning any cheat in the game, if you enter it, you can unlock codes by using a series of complex button presses. For DK Mode, that combination is:
L + R + Up
R + Left
R + Up
R + Right
L + R + C-Down
L + R + Down
L + R + C-Left

You’ll hear a sound if the code was inserted correctly. Once you leave and reenter the Cheat Menu once more, DK Mode will be there to enable.

Now, you can enjoy the game at it’s most ridiculous.

I hope you enjoyed another classic cheat from the archives. Why not tell me your favourite GoldenEye 007 cheat modes, or just your funniest GoldenEye 007 stories in general.

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