Top 5 NES Games – UK Charts, October 1994

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It’s October 1994, and the NES is slowly dying out. But what were the Top 5 NES Games according to the UK?

It’s another month, so here I am to bring you another episode of the Retrogaming Chart Show, your monthly look at gaming history, in the form of charts gone by. I don’t know about you, but I find it quite interesting to see what games were popular in the past, and that’s exactly what you’re going to find out here.

This month, we’re going to look at the NES Top 5 from October 1994, courtesy of the 155th issue of Computer & Video Games, otherwise known as CVG. In it’s day, CVG was one of the longest running multi-format mags around, before it’s untimely demise in 2004, when it’s website remained open until 2015. At the time of this chart the NES was about to wind down, and the PlayStation was only a year away from a Western release, but it’s surprising to see which games were selling the most. Let’s take a look.

Top 5 NES Games Days of Thunder

At number 5 is Days of Thunder, a driving sim loosely based on the Tom Cruise film of the same name. Unfortunately for you, my only exposure to NASCAR is the Will Ferrell film, Talladega Nights, so I have nothing to say about this one.

Top 5 NES Games Micro Machines

The Classic top-down racer Micro Machines comes in at Number 4. Not bad for a game released in 1991. Probably one of the most enjoyable multiplayer driving games outside of Mario Kart, there’s something so fun about racing around the breakfast table in a tiny sports car.

Top 5 NES Games Yoshi's Cookie

In at number 3 is Yoshi’s Cookie, the puzzle game spinoff starring everyone’s favourite dinosaur, Yoshi. Not sure why he’s involved in this game, but it’s an OK puzzler in any case.

Top 5 NES Games Kirby's Adventure

One of the console’s last great games is Kirby’s Adventure, at Number 2 in this chart. I think that this was really the game that put Kirby on the map, with it’s serene platforming gameplay earning a whole heap of fans, young and old.

Top 5 NES Games Tetris 2

While you normally associate Tetris with the Game Boy, you’d be surprised to learn that the NES versions of the game were pretty popular too, as indicated by Tetris 2 reaching the top of the charts. The new mechanics are more like Dr. Mario than Tetris, but it didn’t stop a whole lot of people buying this game!

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