Every Super Game Boy Borders & Screensaver!

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As part of my massive look at the Super Game Boy, I felt that it might be interesting to some of you, if I posted footage of every single border and animation/screensaver that was built into the original Super Game Boy. So…here it is!

The Super Game Boy was known for colourising original Game Boy games, as well as surrounding the display with a customised border. Certain games would contain their own borders, but the Super Game Boy itself contained a few, built-in to the peripheral.

What you are watching, is all of those borders contained in the initial release. I have posted this footage with no commentary, because…well, there isn’t much to talk about in terms of these borders! Grab a cup of coffee/tea, sit down and relax to the visuals for all Super Game Boy borders 🙂

Background music: Super Game Boy Credits Theme

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