Guessing The SNES Classic Mini’s Games (Part 2 of 2)

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You’re about to see another fifteen games that I think should be on the rumoured SNES Classic Mini.

Last week I listed fifteen games that I believe will be part of the SNES Classic Mini’s collection of games. I’m expecting thirty games to be included, so where are the remaining fifteen games? Well, they’re right here of course. I’d love to hear your SNES Classic Mini choices, so please let me know yours in the comments.

Super Mario Kart (Nintendo)

Mario Kart has never been more popular, and the game that started it all has held up incredibly well over the last two and a half decades. Another essential SNES game that really should be included, and a welcome multiplayer game as well.

Gradius III (Konami)

The original Gradius ended up on the NES Classic, so Gradius III would be another great choice for the SNES Mini. Konami’s shooter was an early game for the system, as well as a fantastic port of a fine arcade machine.

F-Zero (Nintendo)

Nintendo might have forgotten about F-Zero, but fans certainly haven’t. Another early SNES release, this racing game is a showcase for the system’s Mode 7 visuals, and it’s a fast and demanding racer that’ll please the hardcore.

Actraiser (SquareEnix)

Actraiser combines decent platform action with a basic but intriguing God-sim. The result is a game that plays that no other game on the system and its addition would certain add a little more diversity to this mini SNES.

Super Mario All-Stars (Nintendo)

You can’t go wrong with a little more Super Mario, so why shouldn’t Super Mario All-Stars be here as well? A 16-bit rendition of all of Mario’s NES adventures, including the previously Japanese-only version of Super Mario Bros. 2, there’s a whole lot of game here.

Final Fight (Capcom)

Capcom’s Final Fight is another arcade port, but it’s a damn great one even if it’s not entirely faithful thanks to censorship and the removal of an entire playable character. In any case, it’s still a game that needs to be here.

Final Fantasy III (VI) (SquareEnix)

We might as well have another JRPG on this mini system, so here is another one of the greats. Final Fantasy VI (or III as it was originally called for its North American release) is such a massive improvement on Final Fantasy II/IV, and it’s another great adventure to sink your teeth into.

Sim City (Nintendo)

The SNES port of Sim City is arguably my favourite version of the city-building sim, thanks to its simplicity and its Nintendo-fied presentation. It’s another title to break up the action games and JRPGs, but it’s also quite a calming game to play – At least before things inevitably go wrong, anyway.

Earthbound (Nintendo)

For years, there has been one word that Nintendo are probably sick of hearing and that’s Mother. A series that has probably one of the most dedicated cult fanbases in the West, the only instalment that officially received a Western release, Earthbound, finally ended up on the Virtual Console on Wii U and 3DS and it should most definitely be a part of this lineup. Mixing Eastern roleplaying with Western culture makes for a truly unique JRPG and could earn some new fans on the SNES Classic Mini.

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble (Nintendo)

Last episode, I said you might as well have all the Donkey Kong Country games here, so the trilogy wouldn’t be complete without Dixie’s Double Trouble. It isn’t terribly different from the other two games, but it’s more Kong platforming from Rare, complete with secrets galore.

Super Bomberman (Konami)

The Super Nintendo was home to some wonderful multiplayer games, so why can’t we have a bit of Super Bomberman in there as well? Let’s go the whole hog, add two extra controller ports to the Super Nintendo Classic Mini, or even a tiny Multitap, so we can have four-player battling as well! For many people, that would be worth the cost of the console alone! Oh yeah, and there’s a single player mode as well.

Super Mario RPG: The Legend of The Seven Stars (Nintendo)

The very first Super Mario RPG is a very experimental attempt to bring add JRPG mechanics and storytelling to the Mushroom Kingdom, and SquareEnix did a fine job of it as well – It’s just a shame that much like Earthbound, it was never officially released in Europe until the Wii Virtual Console. Time to remedy that with an appearance here.

Kirby’s Dream Course (Nintendo)

I’m going to add another weird game to the pile – Kirby’s Dream Course. Honestly, it’s a mini-golf game with the Kirby branding, but it’s surprisingly fun and is almost like a puzzle game in terms of how it plays. One of those games that deserves another chance.

Super Tennis (Nintendo)

Let’s put a sports game on the SNES Classic Mini, with a game that doesn’t have any licenses to worry about. Tennis is a relatively easy sport to understand, and Super Tennis is a fun take on the sport that is also a fun two-player game as well.

Super Metroid (Nintendo)

A real classic finished off my list of thirty games. Super Metroid is the pinnacle of Samus Aran’s series, an atmospheric action adventure with some of the best exploration-based gameplay around. It’s never been bettered, to be honest.

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