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Killer Instinct Play As Eyedol [SNES] – Neat Cheats [1440p]

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In an overly-crowded mid-90’s arcade, fighting games had to do all they can to get noticed. It took more than finely-tuned gameplay and excessive violence to be popular, and Killer Instinct held its own by having an over the top combo system, gorgeous pre-rendered graphics, and loud as hell audio.

Killer instinct Play As Eyedol

When Rare and Nintendo’s arcade hit came to the Super Nintendo, it was a pretty impressive port. It looked good and played pretty well, and like the arcade version, there was a code to play as the game’s big bad, Eyedol.

Killer instinct Play As Eyedol Video

When selecting a character, pick the fiery Cinder. When the Versus screen appears, hold right on the D-pad and pretty L, R, X, B, Y and A. A voice will exclaim “Eyedol” and when the match starts, you’ll be playing as the club-wielding beast.

He doesn’t have any finishing moves, but he has a pretty stacked moveset. He can through a fireball with a quarter circle forward and punch, charge at enemies with a back forward and quick punch, swing his mace with back forward fierce punch. Back and medium punch will prompt Eyedol to stomp, regenerating his health with each stomp, and performing his other moves while stomping can unleash a triple fireball or a mega charge, respectively.

He’s a powerful character indeed, and his ending is worth viewing at least once! Now that you’ve seen the Killer instinct Play As Eyedol code, why not check out more Neat Cheats?

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