mega man x ending snes

Mega Man X Ending [SNES, 1440p] – Ending Theatre

What a game – Capcom really raised the bar when the Blue Bomber moved to 16-bit. New weapons, new moves, new mechanics – They really took what made the NES games great and amped it up. That approach definitely carried over to the Mega Man X Ending (SNES).

Mega Man X Ending SNES

It’s another one of those great end cutscenes, that really puts a bow on the narrative, and also has one of those rare post-credits cliffhangers (I feel like it’s the first one I had ever seen). Even that music brings me chills, and the credit music is also incredibly catchy – You’ll probably be tapping your toes while you watch!

But don’t just take my word for it, watch the video below and see (and hear) this fantastic finale for yourself!

Mega Man X Ending SNES Video

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