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Link’s Awakening DX Ending – Game Boy Color

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Watch this video of Link’s Awakening DX ending and see one of the best ending sequences on the Game Boy!

Released in 1998 as an update to the original 1993 Game Boy release, Link’s Awakening DX brought colour to the game – When played on the Game Boy Color. Also, it added other enhancements such as support Nintendo’s own Game Boy Printer, and an entirely new dungeon!

Set shortly after the events of A Link To The Past, a terrifying thunderstorm leaves Link shipwrecked on the mysterious island of Koholint. This surreal adventure takes our hero into hazardous land; meeting a strange cast of characters and navigating perilous dungeons.

Link’s Awakening DX – Gigantic Adventure, Portable Fun!

Despite its portable nature, this is a full-length Zelda adventure, with everything you expect from the series. A full complement of returning weapons and brand new items appear. For instance, there’s the old faithful Boomerang, and even the brand new Roc’s Feather – This item gives Link a spring in his step!

This is definitely a Zelda game unlike any other. You’ll encounter some truly weird creatures, and even a few cameos from non-Zelda characters. Throughout this tiny quest, you’ll question the strange events unfolding, and eventually, you’ll find the truth behind Koholint Island’s nature.

But even if you’ve never played a game in the series, Link’s Awakening DX provides a gentle introduction to the mechanics that make these games so popular.

Put your feet up and watch the entirety of the Link’s Awakening DX ending. Why not enjoy this colourful ending from the Game Boy Color version of the game and see it played on a Gamecube via the Game Boy Player. Enjoy the beauty of Link’s Awakening in pin-sharp 1440p!

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