Twilight Princess HD Amiibo Functionality – What do the Zelda amiibo do?

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Twilight Princess HD has just been released on Wii U, and like many Nintendo-published games over the past year, it does indeed come with some amiibo support. As you can imagine, if you have an amiibo that’s related to The Legend of Zelda, it’ll work with this game – Whether it’s Link, Toon Link, Zelda, Sheik, Ganondorf or of course the new Wolf Link amiibo, this game will give you something to do with it.

I have already covered the Wolf Link’s amiibo features in its own Amiibo Spotlight, and you can check that out for more information about loading a save game using the amiibo, as well as the brand new Cave of Shadows.

To use the other Legend of Zelda amiibo with Twilight Princess, you’ll need to have restored light to Faron Province. From then on, when you open the Collection Screen by pressing down on the D-pad during gameplay, you’ll see that there’s an amiibo logo on the bottom of the screen, which indicates you can scan the amiibo.

While some of the functions are shared between amiibo, you can scan each amiibo once per day, and you’ll be given an error if you try again.

First up, is Link and Toon Link. You won’t really be able to take advantage of this until the Goron Mines, but when you scan your Link or Toon Link amiibo, your arrows will be replenished.

As for Zelda and Sheik, when you scan your amiibo, when you leave the Collection Screen, your hearts will be restored.

Finally, we come to Ganondorf, whose abilities will be of note for veterans of the game that are looking for a new challenge. Scanning this amiibo will unlock a mode where all enemies will inflict way more damage than you. Combine this with Hero mode, and enemies will do even more damage, making this the ultimate challenge for Legend of Zelda lunatics!

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