What does the Wolf Link amiibo do in Twilight Princess HD?

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Introducing, the Wolf Link amiibo! Debuting in 2006, Link’s wolf form is one of the hero’s most drastic transformations since the mask-induced shape-shifting of Majora’s Mask. Brought on by the curse of entering the Twilight realm, this unusual take on the Hero of Time is confined to relying on his instincts, claws and sharp teeth in order to return to his true Hylian form. Paired with Midna, the two form an uneasy partnership, but the descendant of the Twili becomes a useful ally thanks to her own abilities such as the incredibly useful hand protruding from her headdress.

Wolf Link is a wonderful candidate for an amiibo, so it’s great to see this figure in the flesh and released alongside the Twilight Princess HD remaster.

It’s quite an odd design – I actually thought the base was bigger than the other figures, but that is actually not the case. It’s quite odd to see the design spill over the footprint of the base, but it isn’t really an issue.

If you look closely, there’s quite a lot of detail put into the figure, as Link’s fur is nicely textured. Midna is a great inclusion, and it’s great to see the detail put into the carvings on her headdress – I particularly like the translucent hand of Midna. You can even make out Link’s earrings and of course his brilliant blue eyes.

As you would expect, this amiibo was made with support for Twilight Princess HD in mind, although there are plans for this figure to be used to transfer some sort of data from Twilight Princess HD, over to the long-awaited Wii U Legend of Zelda – Although much like the game itself, little is known about this potential functionality.

The first Wolf Link amiibo feature in Twilight Princess, is that the amiibo can be linked to your game save file. The main purpose for this, is that when you load up the game, on the Twilight Princess HD title screen, you can scan the Wolf Link amiibo, which prompts the game to skip the save select menu and instantly load your saved game. It’s a nice little timesaver, although it’s not exactly essential.

But the big reason to pick up this figure is to unlock the Cave of Shadows. Upon scanning Wolf Link during the Collection Screen, you can enter this mini-game. Similar to the game’s Cave of Ordeals, this dungeon features forty waves of combat challenges that must be tackled as Wolf Link. This trial is split into three sections that follow consecutively, although not all of them are available from the outlet, and are unlocked as progress is made throughout the game. You’ll be rewarded for completing each section, and will be scored based on the number of hearts you have left, time taken, highest combo and whether you used any of the other Legend of Zelda amiibo to aid your run. You’ll also be able to save the number of hearts left to your amiibo, and scan Wolf Link on future Cave of Shadows runs to replenish that amount of hearts.

I shan’t spoil the reward for completing all forty floors of the Cave of Shadows, but it’s a useful new upgrade that may be of great use to some.

That’s it for this Amiibo Spotlight. While the Wolf Link amiibo is not essential for full enjoyment of Twilight Princess HD, it’s definitely worth it for the figure itself.

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