The Retrogaming Chart Show – November 1994

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It’s getting a little colder, so let the warm glow of nostalgia be your comfy blanket as we look at the games people were buying in 1994 with another episode of the Retro Gaming Chart Show

We’re now in the month of November, and that usually means the peak time of year for the year’s biggest releases – and the same way very true of November 1994.

Consulting the 14th Issue of Edge Magazine, we’re jumping across the pond to the US of A, as we delve into the Top 10 all formats chart with a Stateside flavour. Stay tuned right here to find out which games ruled the month of November, in the lead up to the holiday season.

Retrogaming Chart Show - Stunt Race FX

10 Stunt Race FX (Nintendo, SNES)

The second game to feature the Super FX chip comes in at number 10. Stunt Race FX was technically impressive at the time, but unfortunately, those demanding polygon graphics ensured that this was not the fastest of racers on the system.

Star Wars Rebel Assault

9 Rebel Assault (JVC, SEGA CD)

Who didn’t want to join the Rebel Alliance? Not many it seems, as Star Wars: Rebel Assault proved to be a popular choice for the SEGA CD add-on. With gamers not quite having their fill of Full Motion Video, this interactive slice of Star Wars allowed you to be the galaxy’s hero. It’s no wonder that this game came in at number 9.

World Series Baseball Genesis

8 World Series Baseball (SEGA, Genesis)

Americans sure love their baseball, so here’s SEGA Sports’ World Series Baseball at number 8. I know nothing about the sport, but I’m sure this game is fun.


7 NBA Jam (Acclaim, SNES)

I love a bit of Jam. NBA Jam, that is, and so did America as the SNES port of the arcade hit is at number 7. A game so fun, that even non-hoops fans could take to this game and have a great time, thanks to the over the top arcade mechanics.

Mega Man VI

6 Mega Man 6 (Capcom, NES)

It’s 1994 and the NES Mega Man series is still running, with the last Mega Man game on the system. The evil Mr.X holds the first World Robot Tournament as a front to take over the world by reprogramming the world’s strongest machines and Mega Man has to save the day again. Gee, I wonder who Mr.X really is.


FIFA International Soccer

5 FIFA International Soccer (EA, SNES)

How on Earth did a soccer game get so high in the charts? EA’s long-running series finally debuted on the SNES, and you probably all know about this massively popular and long-running series of sports releases. It’s arguably one of the most successful game franchises of all time, so I don’t need to say any more than that.

Little Nemo The Dream Master

4 Little Nemo: The Dream Master (Capcom, NES)

How on Earth does a NES game released in 1990, reach the higher part of the charts in 1994? By being a charming Capcom platformer, that’s how. Based on a Japanese anime, Little Nemo can commandeer a variety of animals by feeding them candy. And he’ll need to, because he’s on a quest to rescue Morpheus (No, not that one), the King of Slumberland from the clutches of evil.

Gargoyles Quest 2

3 Gargoyle’s Quest 2 (Capcom, NES)

At number 3 is Another relatively old NES game, released in 1992, Gargoyle’s Quest 2 is the sequel to the Game Boy Ghouls ‘n’ Goblins spin-off. This platform action game with roleplaying elements is pretty damn good, as it happens.

Super Street Fighter 2 Mega Drive Genesis

2 Super Street Fighter II (Capcom, Genesis)

Let’s face it, any Street Fighter II release is going to be near the top of the charts, and the daddy of them all, Super Street Fighter II is at Number 2 with the Genesis/Mega Drive version of the game. With more characters, moves and backgrounds than ever before, this is arguably the definitive version of the game on 16-bit consoles. But what game could sell more than Super Street Fighter II?

Super Street Fighter 2 Super Nintendo Entertainment System

1 Super Street Fighter II (Capcom, SNES)

The answer is Super Street Fighter II, on the Super Nintendo! Yes, Super Street Fighter II rules the charts at numbers 1 and 2 – Was there ever any doubt? The SNES version was indeed the superior version, so that’s obviously the one that more people picked up.

That was a look at an all formats chart from years gone by, and there was definitely some amazing games there – It’s also great to see the NES still being a huge part of the charts, even in its twilight years.


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