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007 Nightfire Level Select – Gamecube Cheats

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While the world has yearned for another Bond game on par with GoldenEye 007, it’s not to say there weren’t some decent uses of the license and Electronic Arts definitely tried their best to capitalise on Rare and Nintendo’s prior success.

If you’re looking to revisit this adventure, it’s certainly not a bad idea to use the 007 Nightfire Level Select so you can revisit any of the game’s levels at your whim.

007 Nightfire Level Select

Personally, I find 007 Nightfire to be a fairly decent game, with a great variety of levels and a direction that certainly steals a few cues from GoldenEye while laying its own path. I love that there are a few driving levels in there, and the standard shooter levels are still pretty fun to play.

It’s also an engaging original Bond adventure in its own right, and a nice approach instead of just making a game based on one of the films.

007 Nightfire Level Select Video

It’s as simple as entering PASSPORT as a password. This code will unlock every level in the game, so you can see the best of what the game has to offer.

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