a link to the past ending snes

A Link To The Past Ending [SNES, 1440p] – Ending Theatre

There are adventures, and there is The Legend of Zelda. You might not like every game in the series, but you can’t say there’s a bad one in the mainline franchise.

A Link To The Past Ending SNES

A Link To The Past Ending SNES Video

Hopefully, that video stirred up some fond memories of adventuring in Hyrule, beating dungeons and making trouble for old Ganon.

Here was the first of the series that felt like you earned that ending cutscene. It was lengthy, gave a little closure to the lives of the Hyrule citizens you saved. Plus, the music is great and might just make you tear up a little bit.

If you liked this A Link To The Past Ending SNES video, there are a lot more videos here for you, including a full Playthrough of the game from start to finish!

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